This page contains information for MESA Stewards about the Home Country Project (HCP), from the application form to examples of past aproved projects. Here you can find information to help you write your proposal and apply for funds. Doing a HCP is a great opportunity to share what you’ve learned and support your community’s sustainable agriculture movement.

How to apply for a Home Country Project:

For Stewards “In Good Standing,” MESA offers funding of up to $400 as matching grant. Home Country Projects are not mandatory but are a great opportunity to prove yourself as an Sustainable Agriculture Farmer. These projects should be developed to address a need in your home community, promote the spread of sustainable agriculture, and make use of your US training. The Stewards who work together on a project might be eligible for a bigger grant! The documents on this process include guidelines, application forms and project samples. There is also an information sheet on what constitutes a “Steward in Good Standing.”

What is a Matching Grant?

Mesa has funding available (up to $400) as a Matching Grant. To receive money from a Matching Grant, you have to fundraise money for your project through your host, through local organizations, friends, or community back home. MESA will then give you the same amount of money that you were able to raise. So, if you raise $300 on your own, MESA will give you another $300 for a total of $600. If you raise $400, MESA will match it with $400, for a total of $800. If you raise $500, MESA will match $400 of that amount, for a total of $900.

To help you raise funds, MESA has some prepared some materials that you can distribute. These may help you explain the MESA program when you are talking to potential donors. Please let MESA know if you need more tri-fold brochures, HCP inserts, or mailing cards to include with donations. They are also available below for you to print yourself, or to email to potential donors.

Approved Home Country Projects

Recent approved projects include new CSAs, farmers’ markets, farm-to-school programs, solar energy farm projects, cheese-making workshops, and composting and greywater irrigation classes. To see a list of completed Home Country Projects, take a look at this link:

To learn more about HCPs, and funding projects, check our:

After you get a HCP Grant

Stewards responsible for Home Country Projects are required to present periodic reports of their projects progress including financial reports.

Completing an HCP is a great way to keep in touch with MESA to become eligible for the NLP program.

If you have any questions about the projects before you submit them, please feel free to contact MESA staff.