Why be a Global Partner or a Country Representative with MESA?

MESA cultivates a network of leading grassroots organizations in the fields of food and agricultural production that link traditional knowledge with innovations based in earth stewardship, solidarity economy, and multicultural alliances across the world.

MESA believes that a just and resilient food system is supported by strong social networks based on confidence, respect, and shared understanding. Our global partners and country representatives are key to the construction and strengthening of these networks. They support us in promoting our training programs in sustainable agriculture and cultural exchanges between people interested in contributing in meaningful ways to the strengthening of just and resilient food systems in their own countries.

Global Partners and Country Reps act as representatives for MESA in their respective countries. They recruit and screen candidates, and assist them before, during and after their training in the United States. Many of our Global Partners and Country Representatives also offer reciprocal training opportunities for international volunteers in the communities that they serve.

In which countries does MESA have active Global Partners or Country Representatives?

  • Brazil, Curitaba region: Contact Country Representative and MESA alumna: Daniela Nascimento <danielanascimento13 at gmail dot com>
  • Brazil, Sao Paolo region: Work and Trip Exchange International, Contact Country Representative: <anna at worktrip dot com dot br>
  • Colombia: Contact Country Representative: Natalia Escobar <nataliaescobar.e at gmail dot com>
  • France: EXPERIENCE INTERNATIONALE, Contact Global Partner representative: Remi Martiniere <http://www.experience-internationale.fr/contact>
  • Ghana: RURAL EDUCATION VOLUNTEER AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (REVSODEP), Contact Global Partner and MESA alumnus: Ernest Anaadumba <adumbagh at gmail dot com>
  • Kenya: GROW BIOINTENSIVE AGRICULTURAL CENTER OF KENYA, Contact Country Representative and MESA alumnus: Samuel Nderitu <growbiointensivecenterkenya at gmail dot com>
  • Mexico: EL MEZQUITE, Contact Country Representative and MESA alumna: Marisol Tenorio <marisol_tl at yahoo.com.mx>
  • Peru: Contact Country Representative: Alexandra Toledo <alexandra at mesaprogram dot org>
  • Senegal: ASSOCIATION OASIS GROW BIOINTENSIVE, Contact Country Representative and MESA alumnus: Lamine Diawara <infos at ogbioitensiveorg>
  • Sierra Leone: WWOOF Sierra Leone,  Contact Global Partner representative: Shed Jah <shedjah at gmail dot com>
  • South Korea: KOREA NATIONAL COLLEGE OF AGRICULTURE AND FISHERIES (KNCAF), Contact Global Partner Representative: Baehee Yoo <ezrale at naver.com>
  • Sri Lanka: BUSINESS and VOCATIONAL INFORMATION CENTER, (BVIC) Contact Country Representative: M S T D Sumanadasa <naturecare321 at gmail dot com>
  • Thailand: EARTH NET FOUNDATION, Contact Global Partner Representative: Michael Commons <michael at greennet.or.th>
  • Vietnam: VIETNAM RESOURCE GROUP, LLC, Contact Country Representative: Trung Trinh <vietgroupusa at gmail dot com>

What is the difference between MESA’s Global Partners and Country Representatives?

MESA’s global partners are non-governmental organizations, associations, and universities who do capacity building with small and sustainable producers in across the globe. MESA can collaborate with these global partners in search of resources to promote the exchange between countries and support projects led by former MESA students.

MESA’s country representatives are organizations with good reputations in international student exchanges with experience in the selection of candidates and in the process of obtaining visas. They also can be highly trusted individuals who’ve previously participated in MESA’s programs.

How to become one of MESA’s Global Partner or Country Representatives

MESA receives applications year-round to become global partners or country representatives. We are always open to build relationships with institutions and people who want to support us in our mission to strengthen the social networks that sustain resilient and just food systems.

See below for the steps to joining MESA’s network of global partners and country representatives:

  1. Familiarize yourself with MESA’s mission and philosophy by reading our website, especially the section on resources for global partners and the description of programs for stewards in sustainable agriculture.
  2. Ready to apply? Complete this preliminary form. MESA will respond within 30 days with an invitation to complete the full application or with an explanation of the reasons why we cannot form a partnership at this time.