Our listing of previous Newsletters:

March 2016- Blossoming Connections

Kenya VisitRead about MESA’s Journey to Kenya, Jump Starting your Summer Garden Workshop with MESA Host Farmer Bill, On-Farm Seed Internship Program through our new partnership with Organic Seed Alliance, Lead Farmer Educator job position, and more Hosting Opportunities.


January 2016- Recharging

Gratitude VideoLearn about SF Bay Area Community Workshops, MESA Membership, Hosting Opportunities, EcoFarm 2016 Reflections, Lead Urban Farmer Educator Job, and Newsletter Photo Contest.




October 2015- Forging Farmers Turns Five!

Gratitude VideoLearn about this year’s Forging Farmer Awardees, Women Transforming Community Food Systems, Panelist and Steward Spotlight: Clara Ines Nicholls, Rowen White, Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak, Abraham Yidana, Maya Blow, Shu-Chen Chang, Joelci Dannacena, Black Urban Growers Conference, UN Sustainable Development Goals, Sustainable Livestock


June 2015- Generations of Change

Gratitude VideoMESA’s Online Community Begins Pilot Year, Welcome 2015 Stewards, Wisdom and Joy: Stories from Westover Farm, MESA On-Farm Volunteer Days, MST Leader Exchange, Vero begins her masters in Organic Agriculture and Agroecology, The Color of Food: America’s Invisible Farmers, Young Farmer Success Act of 2015 Introduced to Congress, US Social Forum and Peoples Movement Assembly on Food Sovereignty


November 2014- Full of Gratitude for a Bountiful Season

Gratitude VideoCrowdfunding Success and Gratitude Video, Farewell to MESA’s 2014 Food and Farming Stewards, Multigenerational Collaboration via SPRIGS, Winter in Peru: Urban Food Justice and Resilient Rural Farming, Twins Double the Impact on Schools, Farms & Families at Home in Nicaragua, Sanjana Silva: Growing Biodiversity in Sri Lanka, Occupy the Farm Film Premiers in 20 Cities around the US, Sign the Petition!, GMO Moratorium Bill Passes in Maui, National Food Policy Petition


March 2014- Some Fill with Each Good Rain

Hemantha and GR CrewSpotlight on MESA’s Forging Farmer Steward Alumn Hemantha from Sri Lanka, MESA-Thailand Steward Josh, MESA-Peru Summer program, A Night to Remember, Cultural Cuisine 2013 at the San Francisco Ferry Building, MESA in the Women, Food and Ag Network, CUESA Features MESA, Stop Dow’s new GE seeds, California Drought History, Overview on the New Farm Bill and Thanks to our generous 2013 Exit Seminar donors


May 2013- Celebrating New Growth and Beginnings

Xochitl and Cindy

Highlighting Summer 2013 Peru Program and Alumni Projects, Orientation 2013, Riverdance Farm’s Annual “Pick and Gather”, Isabel’s Food Justice Community Garden, EU Passes Restriction on all Bee-Harmful Pesticides, Democracy Schools in Your Community, and a BIG Thank You to generous Orientation Donors.


December 2012- Grow a 2013 Beyond Industrial Agriculture

Year End Infographic Featuring MESA’s cooperation with The Natural Grocery Company, SPRIG: Solar Energy & Upcycled Barn, Agroecology Training in Thailand, Stop the Secret Farm Bill, La Via Campesina Anniversary and thank you to our Exit Seminar 2012 Sponsors and in-kind donors.


May 2012 – Full Cycle stories of MESA Stewards and Hosts


Crown S Visits Peru Featuring the Crown S Ranch host family visit to Peru, Steward Alumnus Ana Huamani Linking Women Farmers in Mala, the 2012 Orientation and plans for a 3-month Certificate of International Training in Agroecology (CITA) Program in Thailand.



September 2011 – The Hardiness and Ingenuity of Small-Scale Farmers

Featured Host: Foxtail Farm Featured Host: Foxtail Farm, Alumni Ruben Quispe Huaman in Action with the Andean Alliance for Sustainable Development, 1% For the Planet, SPRIG 2nd Season, Agroforestry workshop in Thailand, Alex Pastor Terrones blogs on Hurricane Irene and GM Corn Fails to Compete.



May 2011 – Spotlight on Peru Program

Michelle and MarvillaFeaturing the Successful Peru Program, and with links to articles on a new Certificate Program (CITA), a memorial project – Stand for Sam, Oven Building with Urban Adamah, the 2011 Orientation, a blog post from Julio ‘Yaku’ Yuquilema, Terra Bella Farm, Mark Cain of Dripping Springs, Resources for Farmers, and Marketing Tip links.



December 2010 – Diana Loachamin’s Photography and a Former MESA Host Visits Stewards

diana slideshow Featuring both Diana Loachamin’s photography, and a visit Lowell Reinheimer, a former MESA Host, took to visit his former Stewards. It also includes links to articles that introduce the SPRIG Grants Program, new Global Partners, the Exit Seminar, FDA legislation, and Strawberries and Methyl Iodide.




August 2010 – The Farm Intern Connundrum

Featuring the Connundrum around the legalities of farming internships, this EcoExchange also has articles on Soil Born Farms in Sacramento, an alumni reunion in Ecuador, an Academic Study of MESA, a Steward Blog from José Ccalla, Strategies for weed control, and the growing trend of schoolyard gardens.