U.S. Hosts

U.S. Hosts embrace a "learn and share" model of cross-cultural exchange. MESA's international interns (aka Stewards) are as eager to share their agricultural traditions and techniques as they are to learn about innovations in sustainable agriculture. Hosts and Stewards develop a collaborative and open dialogue, resulting in meaningful training experiences, professional networking and often life-long friendships.

MESA partners with Hosts in diverse agriculture producing regions throughout the U.S. MESA Hosts represent various scales of operation as well as a diversity of expertise in organic, biontensive, biodynamic, and transitional agricultural production and marketing. Hosts mentor and provide accommodations for MESA Stewards over a full season, and contribute monthly program fees that enable MESA to offer exceptional Steward benefits, including: J1 visa sponsorship, orientation/exit seminars, medical insurance, online agroecology curriculum, stipends, U.S. travel and coordinator support. 

The common denominator linking our Hosts is their commitment to MESA's mission of: sponsoring a new generation of agrarian leaders, linking current innovations with global traditions in sustainable agriculture to promote land stewardship, localized economies, and cultural awareness.


MESA offers three programs for U.S. Hosts

Core Training Program (CTP) 

MESA’s largest program is geared toward small and mid-scale sustainable farms, agricultural education and research centers throughout the United States. CTP Hosts provide room, board and fixed monthly fees. CTP Stewards are first-time, international program participants with agricultural experience and aspirations. Stewards are nominated by MESA's Global Partners and/or carefully screened by MESA.

Example Hosts: Hidden Villa Farm & Wilderness CenterBobolink Dairy & Bakeyard, Dripping Springs Garden, Dickinson College Farm

Next Level Program (NLP) 

The NLP is for sustainable operations offering wages and seeking to host successful MESA Steward alumni with prior U.S. training experience and advanced agricultural skills, particularly in farm and/or sustainable supply chain management. Each season MESA invites a select group of successful Steward alumni to apply for the NLP.

Example Hosts: Farm Fresh to You, Agriculture & Land Based Training Association, Thanksgiving Farm at the Center for Discovery, The Natural Grocery Company

Individualized Training Program (ITP)

The ITP is for U.S. farms, nonprofits and companies that align with MESA's mission and have identified a specific candidate through their own channels to join their team for up to one year. The ITP is also offered when public-private entities join MESA to support mid to large-scale organic production, marketing and/or sustainable supply chain management training for international agriculturists. ITP Stewards are typically agricultural professionals with specific career-enhancing objectives.

Recent ITP partners: Ecology ActionOrganic Valley Family of Farms, Pacific Ag Research, Organic Bouquet

Regardless of which program suits you best, U.S. Host partners are welcomed into MESA's network of sustainable farmers and farm advocates worldwide!

MESA’s Summer-Peru Program (June 25 to August 6, 2014) aims to connect allies in global stewardship for a reciprocal, cross-cultural exchange of innovation and ancestral knowledge in farming.




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