U.S. Hosts

MESA Hosts embrace a "learn and share" model of cross-cultural exchange and are eager to share and learn traditions, techniques and innovations in ecological agriculture and sustainable food systems. Hosts and Stewards develop a collaborative and open dialogue, resulting in meaningful training experiences, professional networking and life-long friendships.

MESA partners with Hosts representing a diversity of backgrounds in organic, biontensive, biodynamic, agroecological, permaculture and transitional agriculture to provide experiential education in production, distribution, marketing, education, research and community organizing. Hosts typically provide Stewards with full-season, supervised training, lodging, wages or stipends, and cultural activities. Monthly program fees enable MESA to provide additional services including: J1 visa sponsorship, online agroecology curriculum, program scholarships, on-farm project grants, and coordinator support. 

The common denominator linking our Hosts is their commitment to MESA's mission of: cultivating a new generation of food and farming leaders by linking ansestral knowledge with innovation to build earth stewardship, equitable economies and cross-cultural collaboration.

MESA offers two programs for U.S. Hosts

Individualized Training Program (ITP)

The ITP is for U.S. farms, nonprofits and companies that align with MESA's mission to host international beginning farmers and agriculturists for up to 12 months.

2016 Program update: MESA is updating our program requirements, offerings and fees for next season. Please email <mesa at mesaprogram dot org> for current hosting information, or check back here in September.

Recent ITP and/or Affiliate partners: Ecology ActionOrganic Valley Family of Farms, Organic Materials Review Institute

Next Level Program (NLP) 

The NLP is for sustainable operations offering wages and seeking to host successful MESA Steward alumni with prior U.S. training experience and advanced agricultural skills, particularly in farm and/or sustainable supply chain management. Each season MESA invites a select group of successful Steward alumni to apply for the NLP.

Example Hosts: Thanksgiving Farm at the Center for Discovery, The Natural Grocery Company, Clark Organic Farm


Regardless of which program suits you best, U.S. Host partners are welcomed into MESA's network of sustainable farmers and farm advocates worldwide!

Stewards got a crash course in sustainable food systems with some of the workers, educators and farmers who are radically changing the way we grow, eat, and distribute our food.