Training Programs for Global Stewards

Join the next generation of agrarian leaders. Become a MESA Steward. 

US-based programs are designed for aspiring or established farmers, recent agriculture graduates, and sustainable agriculture advocates from around the world. 

MESA Stewards come with a wide range of expertise and life experience. Some work on family farms, others are emerging community leaders or working toward advanced degrees in agroecology and similar disciplines. Many come from regions that have been in conflict for long periods, where the future of small-scale food production is uncertain. What MESA Stewards have in common is a desire to be exposed to the innovations in sustainable agriculture production and marketing in the US, and an eagerness to share social and agricultural traditions with their Hosts.

MESA offers two US Programs

Individualized Training Program (ITP) - Certificate in Applied Agroecology

2016 UPDATE: MESA is currently updating our main program for 2016. Please check back here in September for details!

Example Hosts or Affiliate Partners: Dripping Springs Garden, Hoch Orchard, Crown S. Ranch, Ecology Action, Organic Materials Review Institute, Rogue Farm Corps, Biodynamic Association, Rodale Institute

Next Level Program (NLP)
Advanced Management Certificate of Global Agroecology and Local Food Systems

The NLP is only available for alumni participants seeking advanced agricultural skills, particularly in farm management. Read more here

Example Hosts: The Natural Grocery CompanyThanksgiving Farm at the Center for Discovery, Farm Fresh to You, Clark Farm

Do you have questions about MESA's programs? Check our FAQ page!

Learn more about J1 Visa Eligibility here

Affiliate Internship Exchange Program

Within the ITP, MESA collaborates with pioneering non-profit organizations through an Affiliate Exchange Program. MESA Affiliates are world-renowned educational centers, research institutions, member associations, cooperatives and community-based organizations. Some of the Affiliate partners we work with are Ecology Action, Biodynamic Association, Rogue Farm Corps, and the Rodale Institute. Learn more here.

Are you interested in a tour or customized program for your group?

MESA offers "custom-designed" sustainability tours and short-course programs for groups seeking specialized training related to organic production, organic certification, fair trade, farm advocacy, etc. or in organic export marketing/sustainable supply chain management.

We welcome your inquiry! Please complete MESA's Group Request Form to help us understand your request and prepare a quote.

Stewards got a crash course in sustainable food systems with some of the workers, educators and farmers who are radically changing the way we grow, eat, and distribute our food.