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Receive 5 assorted seed packets from various organic seed suppliers! Ships to you in a beautiful, hand-stamped, 100% cotton MESA logo produce bag. Reuse this super versatile tote for carrying greens from the farmers’ market, storing bulk grains, or even straining nut milk or cheese! 

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Author-signed copy of “Diet for a Hot Planet: The climate crisis at the end of your fork and what you can do about it”. Anna Lappé is an internationally acclaimed author, educator and sustainable food activist, and was MESA’s 2014 Forging Farmers Educator
award recipient. She directs the Real Food Media Project and co-founded the Small Planet Institute in partnership with her mother, Francis Moore Lappé. The Small Plant Institute supports grassroots democracy movements worldwide addressing the causes of hunger and poverty. Diet for a Hot Planet: The Climate Crisis at the End of Your Fork & What You Can Do About It, examines the inextricable links between our climate and the food system. 

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Author-signed copy of “How To Grow More Vegetables (than you ever thought possible in less space than you could ever imagine)”. John Jeavons has been a MESA Host at Ecology Action in Willits, CA for many years. Learn to transform your garden, maximize your production and grow a healthier ecosystem with GROW BIOINTENSIVE. Also comes with 5 packs of organic seeds to start your Biointensive garden. 

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